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Is there anything better than a relaxing massage done by a professional? At Body Spa, get a Swedish massage or even an exclusive VIP treatment. A reflexology session could also do a world of good.  You will shine from  the inside as well as on the outside !

Swedish Massage

This is a relaxing therapeutic care. Your muscles will relax with our specific techniques. You will then improve mobility and gain peace of mind.


Natural therapy that suggests that certain zones on your hands and feet match parts of your body, certain glands or very specific organs. Non-intrusive, soft, relaxing and beneficial, this therapy relies on the application of pressure with hands on very precise points and reflex zones without using mechanical or electrical apparatus.


Let our professionals take care of you! We clean the surface of your skin, eliminate toxins and enhance circulation.


Soulagement de la douleur, rétablissement de l'homéostasie, favoriser les mécanismes naturels de la guérison du corps ne sont que quelques exemple des bienfaits de l'acupuncture. Laissez-vous traiter par notre expert sur place !

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones Therapy is a massage technique that originates from Hawaiian and Native American culture. It uses basalt stones that come from volcanic eruptions. Once warmed, they radiate a sensation of well-being and they have various therapeutic virtues like the treatment of aches and pains, detoxification of the organism and improved the blood flow.


This is THE signature care of Simona. Recommended in a cure ranging from 4 to 10 meetings. This treatment blends all the knowledge and specialty of Simona. Lasting 120 minutes each sessions, it has 4 stages.

A body scrub that nourishes and smoothes the skin because of a blend of active and potent ingredients. After the massage, we dissolve salt in lukewarm water and the texture becomes milky smooth. We envelop the skin for 15 minutes to stimulate the osmotic action. The effect is soft and silky on your skin.

A 15-20 minutes mask is adapted for every individual to treat cellulite. It can be draining, thermoactive or with hot/cold effects.

Shock treatments to stimulate the reduction of fat in the adiposity.


A 40 minutes draining massage which constitutes a ¨must¨ in this protocol. The first session can create a sensibility on the skin’s surface but the effect disappears after 2 days.

Simona Bircea

Simona has been operating spa salons for the past 20 years.  She is the owner of Body Spa and she describes herself with a laugh as ¨A very contemporary woman!¨ 

She has a vast background.  She first started as a chemical engineer for six years before finding her passion: cosmetology and aesthetic. She perfected her knowledge over the years by adding skin youth techniques like mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and also facial care with an added personal signature.

But that is not all ! Simona has also followed multiple formations in massage therapy and foot reflexology.  She now posses more knowledge and knowhow than the majority of professionals in the field.  All it takes is for you to take her VIP4 exclusive program, which combines multiple techniques, to really appreciate the depth of her knowledge in personnal care.

At Body Spa, Simona takes care of all your needs with a qualified and professional team that will leave you very satisfied

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