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Body Spa is the center in Montreal in excellence for your beauty and well-being. We reunite under one roof professionnals in aethetics, hair treatments, acupuncture and massage therapy. 

Here you will find the lastest fashion tendencies, we use new and improved techniques and we use the best canadian products which supports our philosophy.  We are dynamic, fun and we take very good care of our customers. 

Come and let us take care of your every needs !

Simona Bircea

Simona has been operating spa salons for the past 20 years.  She is the owner of Body Spa and she describes herself with a laugh as ¨A very contemporary woman!¨ 

She has a vast background.  She first started as a chemical engineer for six years before finding her passion: cosmetology and aesthetic. She perfected her knowledge over the years by adding skin youth techniques like mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and also facial care with an added personal signature.

But that is not all ! Simona has also followed multiple formations in massage therapy and foot reflexology.  She now posses more knowledge and knowhow than the majority of professionals in the field.  All it takes is for you to take her VIP4 exclusive program, which combines multiple techniques, to really appreciate the depth of her knowledge in personnal care.

At Body Spa, Simona takes care of all your needs with a qualified and professional team that will leave you very satisfied. 


Quality & Professionalism !

With more than 30 years of experience in style and coloration, Dominique is always looking for the cutting edge in urban fashion and the latest techniques.  Also an expert in classic cuts, he has the knowledge and the experience for all tasks.

Lise Cormier

Yvon is a reference in hair stylism with more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Dominique Larouche

Lise is an expert in technique and coloration with a beautician profile.


Yvon Dubé

Gabriel is fresh out of school had has a passion for aesthetic and cosmotology.

Gabriel Perez


Alexandre Leblanc

Alexandre is a acupuncturist with a complete formation with over 15 years of expertise. 

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High End Products

Simona likes to work only with the most performing produce on the market. Especially canadian products.  She uses botanic and organic lines.  Here are some examples: 

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